Academic Policies

Students are subject to the general regulations that apply to all students enrolled in The University of Toledo. Refer to the UToledo Policy website for academic policies that apply to all students. (

LIST OF UNDERGRADUATE ACADEMIC POLICIES found at the above web address.

3364-71-01 Academic standing
3364-71-02 Enrollment status: full time, part time, and audit
3364-71-03 Class rank
3364-71-04 Academic dishonesty
3364-71-05 Academic grievance
3364-71-05.1 Academic grievance procedure
3364-71-06 Academic forgiveness
3364-71-07 Repeating a course and calculating GPA
3364-71-08 Adding and/or dropping a course
3364-71-09 Dual degrees
3364-71-10 Residency requirement for a degree
3364-71-11 Grades and grading
3364-71-11.1 Grades, quality points and grading procedures
3364-71-12 Priority registration
3364-71-13 Graduation with honors distinction; Dean's list; President's list
3364-71-14 Missed class policy
3364-71-15 Confidentiality of student records (FERPA)
3364-71-16 Administrative adjustment for extenuating circumstances
3364-71-17 Credit for prior learning
3364-71-18 Veteran and service members support and assistance
3364-71-19 Posthumous degree awards
3364-71-20 International baccalaureate diploma
3364-71-21 Diploma replacement
3364-71-22 Semester academic calendar and academic year
3364-71-23 Academic credit hour
3364-71-24 Military veterans benefits management
3364-71-25 Independent study courses
3364-71-26 Internal surveys
3364-71-27 Classroom attendance
3364-71-28 The University of Toledo SROTC housing financial offset incentive policy
3364-71-29 Guidelines on authorship policy 
3364-72-54 Assessment of student learning 

Honors College Policies

GPA Warning & Ineligibility PolicyThis policy enforces the expectations the JSHC holds for Honors students relative to the UToledo cumulative GPA. It outlines steps that will be taken for students with grades that threaten their ability to earn College Honors by the time of graduation. In short, first-year and sophomore Honors students are expected to maintain at least a 2.75 whereas junior and senior Honors students are expected to maintain at least a 3.0. This policy is enforced by the Honors College after each Fall and Spring semester.

Curricular Good-Standing Policy: This policy defines satisfactory curricular progress toward the Honors medallion as well as a timeframe for review. These guidelines for taking "HON" core courses and earning Honors credits are established relative to the student's degree-granting college and are enforced by those units in coordination with the Honors College each Summer.