Career and Technical Education Non-Degree (Licensure Only)

Courses in career and technical education may be arranged to complete Ohio’s licensure requirements for teaching in a vocational school or for teaching in a technical college, business and industry. Each prospective vocational teacher will combine occupational experience with academic course work to complete the degree requirements. Recent work experience has been the foundation of vocational education that assures recipients state-of-the-art technical instruction.

Any person who has five years of recent work experience in any occupation (or a combination of work experience and college credit) may be eligible for the initial two-year teaching licensure in that occupation. Teaching eligibility will be determined by submitting the completed Qualification Evaluation Form for Vocational Teacher (VE 36) to the employing school and completing examinations prescribed by the Judith Herb College of Education and vocational program to verify basic skills and technical competence in the teaching field.

Individuals recruited from business and industry with less than a bachelor’s degree in vocational education may receive a Five-Year Vocational License after having completed the following requirements.

  1. Performance – evidence of satisfactory performance as an instructor and the recommendation of the Judith Herb College of Education.
  2. Experience – four years of supervised teaching experience on career-technical Alternative Residence Educator licensure.
  3. Professional preparation – completion of a minimum of 24 semester hours of teaching improvement work.
  4. Completion of an entry-year program.
  5. Completion of the University Based Performance Assessment in the fourth year of the alternative resistance educator license