Non-degree Licensure in Career-Technical Education

Licensure Pathway in Career-Technical Education 

This undergraduate, non-degree, pathway is designed for individuals seeking licensure in career-technical education for teaching in an approved career-tech workforce development program. Pathways include agriculture, health careers, business, family and consumer science careers, marketing, or career-technical.

The licensure pathway is 24 semester hours across two years with courses in summer, and afternoons in fall and spring.  


  • Employment to teach in a Career-Technical Education pathway in an Ohio school
  • Initial CTE-37 Form without university verification


  • Enrollment as non-degree seeking undergraduate in the career-technical education pathway
  • Completion of 24 semester hours of coursework in career technical education
CTE 4010Teaching Occupational Skills3
CTE 4030Teaching Occupational Knowledge3
CTE 4050Methods Of Teaching Career And Technical Education I2
CTE 4070Methods Of Teaching Career And Technical Education II2
CTE 4110Seminar for CTE Teachers3
CTE 4900Curriculum Construction3
Select the following:8
Supervised Teaching (fall, 4 credits)
Supervised Teaching (spring, 4 credits)
Total Hours24

Guide for Developing a Plan of Study

 Below is a guide for developing a Plan of Study for the licensure pathway. Student should review their degree audit and work with their faculty advisor to identify specific courses to fulfill program requirements. 

Plan of Study Grid
First TermHours
CTE 4010 Teaching Occupational Skills 3
CTE 4030 Teaching Occupational Knowledge 3
Second Term
CTE 4050 Methods Of Teaching Career And Technical Education I 2
CTE 4930 Supervised Teaching 4
Third Term
CTE 4070 Methods Of Teaching Career And Technical Education II 2
CTE 4930 Supervised Teaching 4
Fourth Term
CTE 4900 Curriculum Construction 3
Fifth Term
CTE 4110 Seminar for CTE Teachers 3
 Total Hours24