Entrance into the Professional Division Programs

There are many avenues to enter the programs within the professional division. Please be sure to follow the instructions for the specific program and year in which you will enter the professional division. Contact a pre-professional division advisor for guidance as needed. The only pharmacy courses a pre-professional student is permitted to take through the CPPS, until final admission to the professional division is achieved, are the following:

PHPR 1000Orientation1
PHPR 2040Introduction to Cosmetic Science1
PHCL 2220Drugs, Medicine And Society3
PHCL 2600Functional Anatomy And Pathophysiology I4
PHCL 2610Introductory Physiology3
PHCL 2620Functional Anatomy And Pathophysiology II4
PHCL 2900Pharmacology Research Introduction1-3
MBC 2960Undergraduate Research1-6