Student Code of Professional Conduct


The Student Code of Professional Conduct gives general notice of prohibited conduct and of the sanctions to be imposed if such conduct occurs. The Student Code of Professional Conduct should be read broadly and is not designed to define misconduct in exhaustive terms. The Student Code of Professional Conduct specifies the rights and responsibilities of the students, student organizations, the college, and the rights of other parties to the procedure.

Students and student organizations are required to engage in responsible social and professional conduct that reflects credit upon the CPPS community and to model good citizenship in any community. Actions by students or student organizations, which interfere with the orderly functions of the college, or actions, which endanger the health or safety of members of the college community, will not be tolerated.

Delegation of Authority

The Dean of the CPPS or designee shall administer and implement this policy, including the promulgation of the standards of conduct, to be published and distributed as “The Student Code of Professional Conduct,” with procedures and standards governing student conduct at UTCPPS. The Student Progress Committee is authorized to hear each matter and provide a final decision as to whether the code has been violated and a sanction if warranted. The Dean of the College will assure that the sanction is implemented.  Please refer to the CPPS Student Handbook to access the policy.


This policy, along with the University of Toledo "The Student Code of Conduct" (see, applies to all students and student organizations of the CPPS. In areas of overlap, this policy supersedes the University of Toledo "The Student Code of Conduct".