Pharm.D./MBA Dual Degree Program

Administration of the Pharm.D./MBA

The admission process for the Pharm.D./MBA will require that students apply to each program separately. More specifically, students will apply and be required to meet the admission requirements of the MBA program as administered by the COBI, and the same students will be required to apply and meet the admission requirements of the Pharm.D. program as administered by the CPPS.  The GMAT requirement for the MBA program is waived for students accepted into the Pharm.D. program.  The COBI Graduate and CPPS Student Advising Offices provides advising for their respective portions of the programs. Degrees will be conferred separately with the COBI conferring the MBA and the CPPS conferring the Pharm.D.

MBA Admissions Procedures

For admission to the program, The University of Toledo MBA program requires a 2.7 undergraduate GPA, pre-requisite Common Body of Knowledge business courses, and a score of 450 on the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT). The GMAT is waived for pharmacy students who have completed the PCAT and/or have already been accepted in the University of Toledo CPPS Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program.  Students applying to the dual degree program will select the General Administration MBA major.  For further admission information please refer to the COBI catalog or online admissions website.

MBA Curriculum

Integrated Curriculum

PharmD/MBA students may use specific course credit towards both degrees.  These include:

  1. OSCM 5510 (COBI Undergraduate Core Knowledge) is satisfied by the UToledo PREP Curriculum (MATH 2600), PharmD Curriculum (PHPR 4530 & 4540), or any other equivalent Statistics I course.
  2. ECON 1150 or 1200 (COBI Undergraduate Core Knowledge) will satisfy the PREP social science requirement
  3. Three of the 6000 level MBA courses, will fulfill the 7 credits of graduate elective requirement for the PharmD program
  4. One IPPE longitudinal Administration, Leadership, or Management (ALM) rotation will fulfill 1 MBA elective credit hour.  This experience will also count towards the PharmD experiential hour elective requirements
  5. Two APPE ALM rotations will fulfill 8 MBA elective credit hours

Please see the COBI catalog for specific course information related to the MBA.