Academic Support Services - Tutoring

The University of Toledo offers tutors through its Learning Enhancement Center who can assist students, whether you are looking to improve a course grade, freshen up on study skills, check and strengthen your understanding of a topic, review assignments or learn new test-taking strategies. You are encouraged to stop in and meet face-to-face with a highly trained tutor. Statistics show that the more you visit a tutor, the greater the possibility of increasing your GPA.

Learning Enhancement Center

Locations: Carlson Library, 0200 (lower level)
Phone: 419.530.2449

The Learning Enhancement Center (LEC) provides free tutoring services to all UToledo students. The LEC's mission is to provide UToledo students with accessible and professional academic support services that enhance student success and retention. The LEC provides drop-in, face-to-face tutoring and online tutoring by appointment for undergraduate science, math, statistics, and engineering courses. UToledo’s highly trained tutors help students prepare for exams, understand new and difficult concepts, and improve proficiency in various courses. Students accessing tutoring online share a live workspace, where they communicate through various tools, including chat, voice and video, whiteboard, file sharing and application sharing.

The LEC also offers Supplemental Instruction (SI) which is a series of peer-led, weekly study sessions for students enrolled in select courses. The SI method has been proven to increase understanding of coursework and improve grades. SI is free and available to students enrolled in the course offering the program.

Individualized appointments are available for students interested in maximizing their learning potential. The LEC website provides a variety of resources for academic development.

Student-Athlete Support Services

Locations: Larimer Athletic Complex, Room 2030
Phone: 419.530.3542
Web site:

Student Athlete Support Services (SASS) is a comprehensive support program that offers resources targeting the needs of each individual student-athlete based on immediate needs, with a scope of longevity. The Rocket Academic Center office collaborates with coaches, student-athletes, advisors, administrators (athletic and academic), professors, and any other constituents necessary to ensure that each student-athlete is provided with the necessary tools and support to help them reach their full academic potential.

SASS is located on the second floor of the Larimer Athletic Complex. It includes staff offices, tutoring rooms, and a computer lab with individual desktop workstations. SASS provides a variety of services to assist student-athletes that includes course scheduling, study hall, academic coaching, individualized and group tutoring, career preparation and community service engagement.

Some of the services include:

  • Monitor student-athlete academic progress, class schedules, and academic/athletic eligibility
  • Work closely with the registrar and compliance offices to ensure that each student-athlete meets all University of Toledo, MAC, and NCAA academic requirements.
  • Coordinators utilize feedback from student-athletes, professors, coaches, tutors, and the learning specialist to serve student-athletes on an individualized and specialized basis
  • Coordinate services for student-athletes with identified learning and attention disabilities through collaboration with the Office of Student Disability Services.

Tutoring Services:

  • Content Tutors provide individualized and small group academic support in particular courses and subject areas. Content Tutors work with assigned students throughout the semester to supplement classroom instruction and to provide help toward the achievement of course-specific objectives.
  • Academic Coaches engage students in developing and implementing strategies to enhance their learning and successfully manage course objectives and tasks. Academic Coaches are committed to ensuring the continued growth and academic development of our Student-Athletes. Their ultimate purpose is to facilitate learning and assist students in becoming independent self-sufficient learners.

TRIO Student Support Services

Locations: Carlson Library, 0300
Phone: 419.530.3848

TRIO Student Support Services is a federally funded program that provides a comprehensive range of academic and other support services to first-generation, low-income and students with disabilities. Students in the TRIO SSS program receive assistance in academic and personal development to enhance their chances of graduation. Students are accepted their freshman through senior years and remain with the program for up to six years or until their graduation date.

TRIO SSS’s services include advising, tutoring, mentoring, academic resources, and life skill planning for during and after college.

TRIO Student Support Services provides:

  • Identification and recruitment of enrolled students with academic need who meet federal program criteria of first-generation, low-income, students with disabilities or a combination;
  • Individual and group support in the form of advising, mentoring and tutoring;
  • Academic advising and monitoring in order to enhance persistence;
  • Career and financial aid counseling, graduate school and money management mentoring to improve economic outcomes beyond graduation; and
  • Collaboration with University of Toledo student programs in order to enhance student experiences leading to retention and graduation.

Writing Center

Location: Carlson Library, 0130 (lower level)
Phone: 419.530.7753

The Writing Center offers free writing assistance to all UT students. Our writing consultants are educated in various disciplines and can assist with a variety of writing projects. During a session, our writing consultants engage in conversation with writers, focusing on ideas, organization, development, argument, synthesis and writers’ concerns. The following are often reviewed by our consultants:

  • Essays,
  • Research papers,
  • Creative writing,
  • Theses,
  • Dissertations,
  • Grant proposals,
  • Professional publications, and
  • Scholarship/job applications.

The Writing Center’s website has many writing resources, including information on proper grammar, revision and editorial recommendations and various citation styles. Writing appointments can be scheduled online via the Writing Center webpage.