Ohio Transfer 36 Courses

The following list represents The University of Toledo Ohio Transfer 36 courses. Ohio Transfer 36, as directed by the Ohio Department of Higher Education, includes courses in the following areas: English composition and oral communication; mathematics, statistics, and logic; arts and humanities; social and behavioral sciences; and natural sciences.

Note: Completion of The University of Toledo transfer module requires coursework above that fulfills the General Education core curriculum. Students should consult their academic advisor for further information.  On May 11, 2021, the Ohio Transfer Module (OTM) was renamed Ohio Transfer 36.  

Ohio Transfer 36

(www.ohiohighered.org/transfer/transfermodule/modules, click on University of Toledo)

Ohio Transfer 36 is a subset or the complete set of a public college's or university's general education requirement that represents a common body of knowledge and academic skills. It is comprised of 36-40 semester hours of courses in the following fields

  1. English Composition and Oral Communication,
  2. Mathematics, Statistics and Logic
  3. Arts/Humanities,
  4. Social and Behavioral Sciences,
  5. Natural Sciences

Course Reporting System

The Ohio Transfer 36 Approved Courses Reporting System will help you identify approved courses that are guaranteed to transfer and apply toward related general education subject areas at Ohio’s public colleges and universities.

You can search by the Ohio Transfer 36 Subject Area that transfers as a general credit and/or by individual English and Math courses under the Learning Outcome (LO)-Based Ohio Transfer 36 Subject Area that transfers as a direct equivalent. Review the Ohio Transfer 36 main page to learn more about the Ohio Transfer 36.