Earning Alternative College Credit

Advanced Placement (AP)

High school students who enroll in college-level courses and who demonstrate superior achievement in the appropriate Advanced Placement examinations offered by the College Entrance Examination Board may submit results of their examinations to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions as part of their application for admission. These examinations are offered in May and the candidate may, if desired, choose to take them by consulting with the high school college counselor or principal.

The University of Toledo adheres the Advanced Placement Policy established by the Ohio Department of Higher Education. This policy directs Ohio public colleges and universities to grant credit to enrolled students who received a score of 3 or higher on College Board Advanced Placement (AP) examinations. This credit is matched to an appropriate general education course offered at the institution when possible and fulfill any degree requirements that course would fulfill. In instances where an institution does not have an appropriate course and/or sequence match to an AP examination, a recommended range of Ohio Transfer Module (OTM) area credit or general elective credit hours has been provided. This credit should be applied where such credit/course options exist within the Associate or Baccalaureate degree requirements. Additional information on Advanced Placement including a list of subject exams, scores and course equivalencies is available on the Registrar’s website.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The University of Toledo adheres to the guidelines on CLEP testing as part of the transfer and articulation policies established by the Ohio Department of Higher Education. A student may earn college credit by taking the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests if college credit has not been earned in the area in which credit is sought and the student is not currently enrolled in a course in that area. Students should consult the college in which they are enrolled to determine the specific credit limitations. It is recommended that CLEP exams be taken prior to enrolling in classes at The University of Toledo, but students may, with an advisor’s permission, take CLEP exams within their program of study. CLEP testing is not available on campus at the University but information on taking the CLEP tests is available through the UToledo Testing Services.

Duplicate Credit in CLEP and AP

Within existing college and university limitations, when a student presents CLEP and Advanced Placement scores in the same area, credit will be given for the CLEP or AP, whichever is the higher number of credit hours. In no case will CLEP and AP credits be added or combined. The individual department may decide which course credit is to be given if alternate course credit is possible.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

The University of Toledo will award credit for a minimum score of 4 on the higher level examination of the International Baccalaureate (IB). Addiitonal IB test score information is available through the Registrar.

An incoming freshmen student who wants his/her IB examination test scores equated for course credit at the University is responsible for having his/her official IB scores submitted directly to the University. IB examination test scores should be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at the University.

Upon receipt, the student’s IB test scores will be evaluated in accord with the University’s transfer policies and transfer credit evaluation procedures for the catalog year in which the student matriculates. The student’s test scores and choice of major determines the application of the credits awarded from the IB examinations. 

The UT course equivalency for each course within each subject group will be established by faculty within the department most closely aligned with the subject content and learning outcomes of the IB diploma course(s).

A student who earns credit in a course that is equivalent to an IB examination will not be given credit for the IB examination credit. A student may not apply for IB credit after they matriculate. IB credit will not be assigned to the record retroactively.

The provost and vice president for Academic Affairs (or designee) will review the awarding of credit through the International Baccalaureate Diploma program annually each May in accordance with the state’s policies on transfer and articulation.

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credit is based on the concept that college-level learning can be achieved outside of the classroom.  PLA credit is coordinated through the University’s prior learning assessment program which adheres to and maintains best practices in assessing prior learning as recommended by the Higher Learning Commission, the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning, and the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

The University’s academic policy on Credit for Prior Learning, 3364-71-17, is available on the UT Policy website. This policy aligns with the guidelines established by the Ohio Department of Higher Education’s guidelines on Prior Learning Assessment.

The prior learning liaison working with a student’s academic advisor assists in determining the area(s) in which prior learning assessment is likely to be applicable. Guidance along with referrals to college departments are coordinated through University College, 419.530.3142 or universitycollege@utoledo.edu