General Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Earned Hours Required for a Degree

The University of Toledo requires a student to earn a minimum of 60 semester hours to be awarded an associate’s degree. A minimum of 120 semester hours must be earned to be awarded a bachelor’s degree. Some colleges/programs require that more than the minimum of 60-120 hours be earned to be awarded the degree, the additional coursework is required to meet professional accreditation or licensing requirements. In addition, a student must have a cumulative University of Toledo GPA of at least 2.0 in order to qualify for graduation. For specific information, consult the individual college sections of this catalog. Earned hours are those hours that each college of the University counts toward fulfilling specific degree program requirements. Hours counted toward degree requirements may vary depending on the college/degree program a student enrolls in and is pursuing.

Residency Requirement for a Degree

The undergraduate residency requirement establishes a definition for residency for the awarding of an undergraduate degree from the university. Residency is defined as the minimum number of credit hours a student needs to complete while enrolled at the university. The undergraduate residency requirement for the University of Toledo is 30 credit hours. A student must complete at least 30 credit hours while enrolled at the university in order to qualify for a degree. The 30 credit hours may be accumulated over mulitple semesters in which the student is enrolled at the university.

Graduation Application Process

A student nearing the completion of a degree program must complete the Application for Graduation online through the myUT portal (listed under the Student tab, My Records).

For undergraduate students, the deadline for applying to graduate is the 11th week of the fall semester for spring graduation, and the 11th week of the spring semester for summer or fall graduation. The deadlines for law and graduate students may differ. Deadline dates can be found here:

Students who do not graduate the semester for which they applied to graduate but anticipate degree completion the following semester must reapply by completing another application no later than the 15th day of the next semester in which they expect to graduate.

Failure to apply for graduation means that the student’s graduation date will be postponed.

Dual Degrees

The University recognizes a student may want to earn two degrees simultaneously as part of their undergraduate academic experience. Students may earn more than one bachelor’s degree or associate’s degree or a bachelor’s and associate’s degree concurrently. Students interested in earning two or more degrees simultaneously should consult the colleges from which they wish to earn the degrees for specific rules and requirements.