Academic Policies

The policies listed below are general policies for The University of Toledo. Students should consult their advisors for college-specific academic policies.

University Policy Website

The University of Toledo Policy Website is a compilation of relevant policy, operational procedures, governing documents and handbooks of The University of Toledo.  The purpose of the policy website is to ensure faculty, staff, and students have ready access to policies. It is the responsibility of the UT community, including faculty, staff, and students, to familiarize themselves with the policies and comply with the University policies that affect them. 

General and Undergraduate Academic Policies

3364-71-01 Academic Standing
3364-71-02 Enrollment status: full time, part time, and audit
3364-71-03 Class Rank
3364-71-04 Academic dishonesty
3364-71-05 Academic Grievance
3364-71-06 Academic forgiveness
3364-71-07 Repeating a course and calculating GPA
3364-71-08 Adding and/or dropping a Course
3364-71-09 Dual Degrees
3364-71-10 Residency requirement for a degree
3364-71-11 Grades and grading
3364-71-12 Priority registration
3364-71-13 Graduation with honors distinction; Dean's list; President's list
3364-71-14 Missed class policy
3364-71-15 Confidentiality of student records (FERPA)
3364-71-16 Administrative adjustment for extenuating circumstances
3364-71-17 Credit for prior learning
3364-71-18 Veteran and service members support and assistance
3364-71-19 Posthumous degree awards
3364-71-20 International baccalaureate diploma
3364-71-21 Diploma replacement
3364-71-22 Semester academic calendar and academic year
3364-71-23 Academic credit hour
3364-71-24 Military Veterans Benefits Management
3364-71-25 Independent Study Courses
3364-71-26 Internal Surveys
3364-71-27 Classroom Attendance
3364-71-28 The University of Toledo SROTC housing financial offset incentive policy

Graduate Academic Policies

3364-71-15 Confidentiality of student records (FERPA)
3364-71-18  Veteran and service members support and assistance
3364-71-19  Posthumous degree awards
3364-71-21  Diploma replacement
3364-77-01  Graduate student academic dishonesty
3364-77-02  Graduate student academic grievance
3364-77-04  Graduate student leave of absence
3364-77-05  Graduate Student Enrollment Status:  Full time, part time and audit
3364-77-06  Transfer of credit to graduate degree
3364-77-07 Graduate Missed Class Policy

Full-Time Status

A full-time undergraduate student is enrolled for twelve (12) or more semester hours in credit-bearing courses in a term. Full-time students are encouraged to take 15 credit hours to complete their degree in a timely fashion, and are permitted to take up to 20 credit hours without any additional approval. Students seeking academic overload for 21 or more hours must receive approval according to the procedure set by their college. A student must be enrolled through the university’s official registration and enrollment information system in order to receive transcripted credit for any course.  A part-time undergraduate student is enrolled for fewer than twelve (12) semester hours in credit-bearing courses in a term.

Class Rank

Class rank is based upon the number of semester hours completed and is determined as follows:

Rank Hours Earned
Freshman 0-29.9 hours
Sophomore 30-59.9 hours
Junior 60-89.9 hours
Senior 90+ hours

Course Numbering System

University course numbers follow this system:

0500-0990 Non-degree credit
1000-1990 Primarily for freshmen and sophomores
2000-2990 Sophomores, juniors and seniors
3000-3990 Juniors and seniors
4000-4990 Advanced undergraduates
5000-5990 Master’s level
6000-6990 Advanced master’s level
7000-7990 Doctoral level
8000-8990 Advanced doctoral level
9000-9990 College of Law

Credit for Repeated Courses

Credit for any repeated course will apply only once toward degree requirements. Grades for all attempts at the course will appear on the student’s official academic record (official transcript) and will count toward the GPA, unless the grade has been replaced for purposes of calculating the GPA. See the policy on GPA Recalculation for Repeated Courses. Visit the Office of the Registrar for additional details.