Placement Test and Testing

After being admitted to the University, students take placement tests to identify the first course in mathematics, chemistry and/or foreign languages required by the choice of major.  All newly admitted students are encouraged to review the placement testing information

Placement testing should be completed BEFORE attending new student or transfer student orientation. Questions regarding placement tests should be directed to the academic advisors for the admitted program of study. The placement information made available by the Office of New Student Orientation or by each of the undergraduate colleges is available as follows:

Students who need assistance with placement tests are encouraged to contact Student Disability Services, located in Rocket Hall, Room 1820, for accommodations and/or support services.

Mathematics Placement Tests:

Mathematics placement tests are required for all new students unless college credit in mathematics is being transferred to the University. The University of Toledo uses ALEKS Mathematics placement test to provide an accurate measure of students’ current mathematical skills and to allow accurate placement in a mathematics course.

The ALEKS Mathematics placement test is available online and at the UToledo Testing Services, located in Memorial Field House, Room 1080. ALEKS can be accessed on any computer with internet access that meets the system requirements. ALEKS logon help is available. Additional information on mathematics placement tests is available through the Mathematics Department.

Chemistry Placement Test:

Students interested in enrolling in CHEM 1230, General Chemistry I, are required to take the ALEKS Chemistry placement test unless the student has an AP Chemistry score of 3 or higher, has transfer credit equivalent to CHEM 1090 (Elementary Chemistry) or CHEM 1230 at UT, or, if the student has not completed any high school chemistry course. Students who have not completed at least a year of high school chemistry are required to enroll in CHEM 1090, Elementary Chemistry, before taking CHEM 1230.

Online access is available at ALEKS Chemistry Placement Information and through the UToledo Testing Services, located in Memorial Field House, Room 1080. Click here for the ALEKS logon with ALEKS logon help also available. Additional information on chemistry placement tests is available through the Chemistry Department.

Chemistry for Health Sciences Placement Test: 

Student interested in enrolling in CHEM 1120, Chemistry for Health Sciences, are required to take the chemistry placement test (Nursing and Respiratory Care ONLY) unless one of the following criteria is met:

  1. Has earned transfer credit equivalent for CHEM 1110 or CHEM 1120 at UT; or
  2. Has not completed any high school chemistry course. A student who has not completed at least one year of high school chemistry, must enroll in CHEM 1110.

The Chemistry for Health Sciences Placement Test is a computer-based exam available only at the UToledo Testing Services located in Memorial Field House, Room 1080.

Foreign Language Placement Test: 

Students whose choice of academic major requires a foreign language or who have taken one or more years of foreign language during high school, must take the foreign language placement test to assess the skill level. Each of the foreign language placement tests cover grammatical structures, vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Placement tests in French, German, Japanese, Latin and Spanish are available through UToledo Testing Services, in Memorial Field House, Room 1080. Placement tests for other languages, such as Arabic and Chinese, must be scheduled through the World Languages and Cultures Department, located in Memorial Field House, Room 2400.