Anatomy and Neurosciences (ANAT)

ANAT 5000 Anatomy for Physician Assist

[5 credit hours]

Provides students with a working knowledge of the major anatomical regions and structures. Emphasis placed on the relationships of components as well as topographical and functional anatomy. Case studies will be utilized.

Term Offered: Spring, Summer, Fall

ANAT 6790 Microanatomy for Pathology Assistants

[4 credit hours]

Microanatomy for Pathology Assistants is a course that includes the study of the structure and function of cells, tissues, and organs. Particular emphasis is placed on histology at the light microscopic level. The course uses hundreds of high-resolution photographs and images of human and domestic animal tissues. Histology laboratories involve finding and identifying histological structures at low, medium, high, and oil immersion views. Clinical exercises will be used to develop “problem solving” and “critical thinking” skills.

Term Offered: Fall

ANAT 8330 Advanced Topographic Anatomy

[3 credit hours]

Detailed dissections of specific body regions. May be repeated for credit.

Term Offered: Fall