Biomarkers and Diagnostics (BIDI)

BIDI 5000 Biostatistical Methods for Biomarkers

[3 credit hours]

This course will introduce students to biostastical concepts and methods for analyzing biomarker data. The course focuses on statistical methods for biomarkers to address various issues arising from studies assessing biomarkers in biomedical research and including associations with certain diseases or health conditions. The course presents both basic and advanced topics.

BIDI 5100 Biomarkers and Diagnostics Internship

[6 credit hours]

Supervised full time work experience in Biomarker dicovery and validation in a pharmaceutical oriented company. Builds upon didactic course work.

Term Offered: Summer

BIDI 5200 Readings in Biomarkers and Diagnostics

[1 credit hour]

Review of selected research topics related to Biomarkers and their application to diagnosis. Student discussion will be moderated through the Blackboard course management system by the course director.

Term Offered: Summer