Management (MGMT)

MGMT 5110 Introduction To Management

[3 credit hours]

Course is designed to provide a comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date picture of the field of management. This course focuses on organizational behavior (individual and small group) and organizational theory (large group and total organization). Also included is a review of the key functions of management; (1) planning, (2) organizing, (3) leading, (4) staffing and (5) controlling.

Term Offered: Summer

MGMT 6100 Leading Through Ethical Decision-Making

[3 credit hours]

This course seeks to challenge students to discover their core values and how they shape beliefs and actions. Students will learn how to apply four theoretical perspectives to issues facing them as business persons.

Term Offered: Spring, Fall

MGMT 6150 Leading and Developing Yourself

[3 credit hours]

The course explores how one's own leadership competencies can be developed and applied most effectively in a variety of situations. This course explores how one’s own leadership competencies can be developed and applied most effectively in a variety of situations. Contemporary theories and trends in leadership and leadership development are examined, and opportunities to improve leadership capabilities are provided. Self-assessments, as well as written and video cases, are used extensively.

Term Offered: Fall

MGMT 6160 Leading With Power and Influence

[3 credit hours]

Students will develop an understanding of the strategic use of power and influence to exercise leadership in organizations. Skill development in the diagnosis and practical use of power and influence to mobilize action, to negotiate, and to resolve conflicts will be emphasized.

Term Offered: Spring, Fall

MGMT 6190 Leading change and Organizational Improvement

[3 credit hours]

Students will learn and apply the key theories and practices of change management and organizational development processes.

Term Offered: Spring

MGMT 6930 Independent Research

[1-3 credit hours]

Independent research opportunities are provided to advanced students for pursuing topics in depth under the faculty supervision.

Term Offered: Spring, Summer, Fall