Faculty Development (FACD)

FACD 6250 Learning/Instruct Theories

[3 credit hours]

Introduction to the fundamental principles of curriculum development and assessment of learning outcomes. Application of the theoretical concepts to the development of curriculum and instructional strategies. The concept of instructional alignment will be at the foundation of various experiences that will expose students to knowledge and skill revelant to the development of instructional units and appropriate evaluation strategies.

FACD 6350 Teach/Learn Hlth Med Sci

[3 credit hours]

Introduction to various theories of teaching and learning. Explores current issues in medical and health science education relative to the theoretical foundations of teaching. Current challenges faced by educators in the health sciences will be discussed and relevant literature reviewed and assessed.

FACD 6700 Teach Improve Practicum

[1 credit hour]

Students evaluate their own teaching and reflect on how they integrate concepts presented in FACD 635 and FACD 625 into their own performance.

Prerequisites: FACD 6350 with a minimum grade of S or FACD 635 with a minimum grade of S

Term Offered: Fall

FACD 6970 Teaching/Learning Project

[3 credit hours]

Students are provided with the opportunity to synthesize the concepts presented and discussed in FACD 625 and FACD 635 into a unique curriculum development or educational research project.

Prerequisites: (FACD 6350 with a minimum grade of S and FACD 6250 with a minimum grade of S) or (FACD 635 with a minimum grade of S and FACD 625 with a minimum grade of S)