Graphic Design Certificate

ART 1070Foundations of Digital Media3
ART 2010Graphic Design: Print3
ART 2020Graphic Design: Web3
Total Hours9
  • PLO 1: Aesthetic abilities: Students will create artworks with an aesthetic order that expresses meaning and furthers cognitive growth.
  • PLO 2: Technique and the comprehension of Graphic Design potential: Students will use the appropriate tools and art/design materials to develop creative projects.
  • PLO 3: Presentation/career preparedness: Students will plan, develop, and create artistic projects in a portfolio, and/or publication format.
  • PLO 4: Writing and communication skills: Students will discuss, interpret, and summarize complex ideas effectively through written, oral, and visual rhetoric.
  • PLO 5: Research skills: Students will use multiple resources in the arts, humanities, and sciences for developing creative projects.