Minor in Graphic Design

The courses listed below are required for the minor in Graphic Design9
Foundations of Digital Media
Graphic Design: Print
Graphic Design: Web
Students may select any additional 9 credits from the electives listed below9
Interactive Coding
Advanced Graphic Design:Topic
Game Design: Topic
Time, Motion, Space: Topics
Bio-Design Challenge
Special Studies
Design Project: Topics
History of Graphic Design
History Of New Media
  • Aesthetic abilities: Students will create artworks with an aesthetic order that expresses meaning and furthers cognitive growth.
  • Technique and the comprehension of a medium s potential: Students will use the appropriate tools and art/design materials to develop creative projects within and beyond their area of concentration
  • \\nPresentation/career preparedness: Students will plan, develop and create artistic projects in an exhibition, portfolio, and/or publication format.\\n
  • Writing and communication skills: Students will discuss, interpret and summarize complex ideas effectively through written, oral, and visual rhetoric.
  • Research skills: Students will use multiple global resources in the arts, humanities, and sciences for developing creative projects.