Minor in Art History

Students may minor in art history through the declaration of the minor with the College of Arts and Letters and the completion of a minimum of 21 hours of art history courses, which must include the following:

Core Courses
ARTH 2050History of Western Art I 13
ARTH 2060History of Western Art II3
Select at least one of the following courses in non-Western art:3
Asian Art
Ethnographic Art
Topics In Asian Art
African Art
Ancient Art Of The Americas
Select remaining hours from any courses offered by the art history program 212
Total Hours21

Survey history of Western art courses may be taken in any order.


The remaining hours for the minor may be selected from any courses offered by the art history program. Minors may elect to pursue up to three hours in Independent Study (ARTH 4990). Independent Study requires the permission of an art history faculty member who will direct the Independent Study project.