GPA Recalculation Policy for Repeated Courses

Under certain conditions, students who have retaken a course and earned a higher grade may petition to have the first grade excluded from their grade point average. If the petition is approved, the Office of the Registrar will be notified, and the student’s transcript will show the notation “Repeat (Excluded from GPA)” next to the original course and the notation “R” next to the retaken course.

Credit for any repeated course will apply only once toward degree requirements. Grades for all attempts at the course will appear on the student’s official academic record (official transcript) regardless of whether the grade has been deleted. All grades, including those for repeated courses, will be included in the determination of eligibility for honors, fellowships and other distinctions accruing on the basis of GPA. A copy of the approved petition will become part of the student’s permanent record file.

A student may petition to have a grade excluded from GPA computation under the following conditions:

  1. The repeated course must be completed prior to the granting of the first bachelor’s degree, and the grade deletion petition must be submitted no later than one semester after graduation.
  2. Before petitioning, a student must have retaken the same course (or the renumbered substitute for that course) in the same department at The University of Toledo and have earned a higher grade in the course retaken.
  3. No more than a total of 18 semester hours of course work may be removed from the GPA calculation. A college may adopt a more stringent requirement for entrance into a particular program within that college.
  4. This policy applies only to the first recorded grade in a course that a student has repeated.
  5. Subject to the limitations described above, applications will be approved unless the instructor attests that the original grade was given for academic dishonesty.

This policy will apply to all students admitted for fall 1997 or later. It does not apply to graduate and post-baccalaureate professional studies. 

3364-71-07 Repeating a course and calculating GPA

Grade Point Average (GPA)

A student’s cumulative grade point average is computed by dividing the total number of quality hours into the total number of quality points earned, including "F" grades for all repeated courses that have not been approved for recalculation on the basis of petition by the student. To obtain a degree or certificate in an undergraduate program, the student must have the proper number of credit hours in the courses required for the degree and a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0. Grade point average requirements may be higher in certain colleges and in certain majors; this information is available in the individual college listings.

Higher Education Grade Point Average

A student’s higher education (overall) grade point average includes all coursework taken at all institutions of higher education, including UT (unadjusted by GPA Recalculation petitions or the Academic Forgiveness Policy). The higher education GPA will be used for purposes of determining eligibility for University, collegiate, departmental or professional honors and other recognition based on the student’s undergraduate academic career and record of academic performance.