Analytical Chemistry Certificate

 Required Courses

CHEM 3310Analytical Chemistry2
CHEM 3360Analytical Chemistry Laboratory2
CHEM 4300Instrumental Analysis2
CHEM 4880Advanced Laboratory III2
Select Four (4) credit hours from the following course options*4
Separation Methods
Separation Methods Laboratory
*Chem 4310 and 4350 must be taken concurrently.
Total Hours12
  • Demonstrate an in-depth mastery of fundamental concepts, principles and hands-on laboratory methodology in the field of analytical chemistry.
  • Develop skills and strategies for proper sampling, sample preparation and data analysis including accuracy, precision and error analysis.
  • Understand theory and application of classical wet analytical chemistry methods in gravimetric and titrimetric analysis.
  • Understand theory and application of instrumental methods focusing on spectroscopic methods, chemical separations, mass spectrometry, microscopy and electrochemistry.
  • Design and conduct experimental procedures, analyze and interpret data, including models and statistical analysis to critically evaluate and interpret data.
  • Communicate technical information clearly and accurately in written, oral and visual formats.
  • Understand and apply proper experimental safety, ethical and professional analytical laboratory practices.