Minor in Chemistry

The minor in chemistry is designed to complement the objectives of students in a variety of majors. A minimum of 22 hours of chemistry courses and a minimum GPA of 2.0 in those courses are required for the minor in chemistry. No courses in the minor may be taken P/NC except CHEM 4920. The following courses must be included:

CHEM 1230General Chemistry I4
CHEM 1240General Chemistry II4
CHEM 1280General Chemistry Lab I1
CHEM 1290General Chemistry Lab II1
CHEM 2410Organic Chemistry I3
CHEM 2420Organic Chemistry II3
Select one of the following:2-4
Organic Chemistry Laboratory I for Non-Majors
and Organic Chemistry Laboratory II for Non-Majors
Organic Chemistry Laboratory I for Majors: Separations and Elementary Synthesis
and Organic Chemistry Laboratory II for Majors: Synthesis and Identification
Additional courses to reach 22 hours may include any 3000 or 4000 level CHEM course except the following: 14
Recitation for Chem 3710
Recitation For Chem 3720
Recitation for Chem 3730
Recitation For Chem 3740
Undergraduate Research II
Readings In Chemistry II
Undergraduate Research III
Total Hours22-24

MBC 3550 and MBC 3560 may be substituted for CHEM 3510 and CHEM 3520.