Minor in Green Chemistry & Engineering

The minor in green chemistry and engineering  is designed for students who want to expand the breadth of their undergraduate majors by incorporating the principles of green chemistry and green engineering into their BA and BS degrees in chemistry, chemical engineering, environmental science or a related area.   A minimum of 21 hours of course work and a minimum GPA of 2.0 in those courses are required for the minor. No courses in the minor may be taken P/NC.

Required Courses
CHEM 2410Organic Chemistry I3
CHEM 2420Organic Chemistry II3
CHEM 4200Green Chemistry3
CHEE 4010Green Engineering Principles 13
CHEM 4210Environmental Chemistry3
or CHEE 4110 Green Engineering Applications
CHEM 3810Chemistry of Sustainable Energy Resources3
or CHEE 4120 Biofuels
or EEES 4220 Environmental Geochemistry
or EEES 4450 Hazardous Waste Management
or ECON 3240 Environmental Economics
or PSC 4340 Environmental Policy
One additional elective from above lists3
1) Chemical Engineering students may substitute one additional elective class in place of CHEE 4010
Total Hours21

Students completing the Minor in Green Chemistry and Engineering  must be sure that at least 12 credit hours of the minor requirements are unique to the minor, and are not being used to satisfy requirements in the major or another minor.