Management Minor

BBA students take the required BUAD 3030 course as part of their required upper division subset. The course is not repeated for purposes of counting toward the Management Minor.

Required Courses
BUAD 3030Managerial And Behavioral Processes In Organizations3
MGMT 4330Leading Organizational Change and Development3
MGMT 4780Leading and Managing People3
Select ONE of the following:3
Human Resource Management
Conflict Management: Mediation & Negotiations
Best Practices in Diversity Leadership
Ethics In Leadership And Management
Leading And Managing Organizational Improvement
Total Hours12
  • PLO 1. To learn how to facilitate individual employee development and organizational improvements.\\n
  • PLO 2. To practice planning and implementing change as a manager and leader.\\n
  • PLO 3. To learn and practice the ethical behaviors required to be a successful manager and leader.\\n
  • PLO 4. To recognize the benefits, both individual and organizational, of creating a diverse and inclusive organization.\\n
  • PLO 5. To develop students' emotional intelligence and conflict resolution skills.