Sustainability Minor

Program Requirements - 5 Courses - 15 hours
Required - 4 Courses - 12 hours
GNEN 1500Sustainability Living3
BUAD 3500Sustainable Business Practices3
EEES 2020Introduction to the Environment: Energy and Climate3
or EEES 2030 Introduction to the Environment Land-Use and Water
PHIL 3180Environmental Ethics3
Elective - 1 Course - 3 hours - Select one from:3
Principles Of Manufacturing And Service Systems
Global Business
Chemistry And Society
Marine Biology
Physical Geology
Oceanography And Water Resources
Climate Change
Geological Hazards And The Environment
Down To Earth: Environmental Science
Microbes And Society
Sustainability Engineering
Alternative Energy
Sustainability Analysis and Design
Environmental Economics
Environmental Sustainability
Environmental Planning
Patterns Of World Development
Total Hours15
  • PLO 1. Discuss the history of the environmental movement and environmental science process.
  • PLO 2. Identify the components of sustainability.
  • PLO 3. Compare the different ways of evaluating environmental impacts and identify behavioral changes that reduce environmental impact.
  • PLO 4. Critically analyze the concept of sustainability, especially with respect to economic, social, and ecological dimensions.
  • PLO 5. Articulate and apply the key concepts and processes of sustainability as they relate to businesses (e.g., triple bottom line, social responsibility, systems thinking, life cycle analysis, social entrepreneurship, base of the pyramid).
  • PLO 6. Discuss the role and responsibilities of business in society.