BS in HealthCare Administration

Healthcare Administration Internship

The healthcare administration internship is designed to provide students with an opportunity to apply educational achievements in a health care setting. Students will be exposed to health care administration operations through project-based work. Project opportunities will vary and reflect both the participant’s learning goals and the needs of the health care organization.

To be considered for the internship, students need to:

  • Declare healthcare administration as their major at least one semester before beginning the internship.
  • Complete at least 12 credit hours in healthcare administration required courses with a minimum grade of “C” in each course.
  • Have a current minimum 2.5 overall grade point average.
  • Apply to the healthcare administration internship prior to their last semester before graduating.
  • Complete the healthcare administration internship application three months prior to the internship semester.
  • Provide resume to healthcare administration faculty.
  • Interview with healthcare administration faculty and healthcare organization.
  • Be able to provide their own transportation to the healthcare organization.
  • Attend the healthcare organization’s orientation.
  • Complete required immunizations from the healthcare organization.
  • Obtain security badge from the healthcare organization.
  • Have approval from healthcare administration faculty to complete internship.

Below is a sample plan of study. Consult your degree audit for your program requirements. Grades of "C" or better are required in all HCAR courses.

BS in Healthcare Administration with Business Minor

Plan of Study Grid
First TermHours
BUAD 1020
Micro-Computer Applications In Business
or Microsoft Office Applications
ENGL 1110 College Composition I 3
HHS 1000 Health And Human Services/College Orientation 1
Arts/Humanities Core 3
MATH 1320 College Algebra 3
Elective 2
Second Term
ECON 1200 Principles Of Microeconomics 3
ENGL 2960 Professional and Business Writing 3
HEAL 1800 Medical Terminology 3
SOC 1010 Introduction To Sociology 3
Diversity of US 3
Third Term
BUAD 2040
Financial Accounting Information
or Principles Of Financial Accounting
ECON 1150 Principles Of Macroeconomics 3
HEAL 2700 Introduction to Public Health 3
Non-US Diversity 3
Program Elective 3
Fourth Term
BUAD 2050
Accounting For Business Decision-Making
or Principles Of Management Accounting
EXSC 1560 Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology 3
EXSC 1460 Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology Lab 1
HCAR 3000 Introduction to Health Care Administration 3
Core Elective 3
Program Elective 3
Fifth Term
BUAD 3030 Managerial And Behavioral Processes In Organizations 3
HCAR 4560 Services in Healthcare 3
MATH 2600 Introduction To Statistics 3
Natural Sciences Elective 3
Arts/Humanities Core 3
Sixth Term
BUAD 3010 Principles Of Marketing 3
HCAR 4360 Quality Improvement In Health Care 3
HCAR 4570 Resources in Healthcare 4
HEAL 3800 Death And Dying 3
PHIL 3370 Medical Ethics 3
Seventh Term
HCAR 4530 Problem Solving In Health Care Environment 4
HCAR 4550 Health Care Finance 3
HEAL 4560 Health Problems Of Aging 3
MGMT 3630 Conflict Management: Mediation & Negotiations 3
Eighth Term
HCAR 4540 Field Experience In Healthcare Management 3
HCAR 4580 Leadership and Management in Healthcare 3
HURM 3220 Human Resource Management 3
Program Elective 3
Elective 3
 Total Hours120
  • PLO 1. Knowledge of the Healthcare Environment: Describe the healthcare system environment.
  • PLO 2. Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills: Assess, analyze, and solve issues in healthcare.
  • PLO 3. Communication: Develop professional written and oral communication skills with individuals and groups.
  • PLO 4. Ethics and Professionalism: Displays personal and organizational conduct aligned with the ethical and professional standards expected of health care administrators that include a responsibility to the healthcare community.
  • PLO 5. Students are able to explain key concepts in healthcare administration.