Minor in Health Sciences

The Health Sciences minor prepares students with specialized knowledge and skills in the ever-evolving field of health sciences, enabling them to develop an understanding of the multifaceted factors that influence health. Through this program, students gain the expertise needed to navigate the complex landscape of health and healthcare, preparing them for diverse career opportunities in healthcare settings, research, nonprofit health organizations, and other related fields.

Completion of EXSC 2560/2460 and 2570/2470 or 2510/2520 and 2530/2540 will fulfill the EXSC 1560/1460 requirement for this minor.

HHS 1020Introduction to Health Sciences II2
EXSC 1460Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology Lab1
EXSC 1560Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology3
HHS 3100Introduction to Social Determinants of Health3
HHS 3600Foundations of Evidence-Based Practice in Health Science3
HHS 4100Foundations of Healthcare Delivery3
Elective (Select one of the following courses)3
Cultural Competence in Health and Human Services Professions
Health Care And The Law
Compliance and Ethical Issues
Total Hours18
  • Identify professionals and contacts within fields of interest\\n
  • Describe careers available to health science graduates and how to pursue them
  • Define and provide examples of individual health, community health, and social determinants of health
  • Define health equity and health disparities
  • Discuss the theoretical frameworks used to better understand health disparities
  • Describe the potential mechanisms through which social determinants of health can influence individual health across the life span and shape population patterns of morbidity and mortality 
  • Discuss interventions and promising approaches to achieving health equity based on an understanding social determinants of health
  • Develop foundational knowledge and skills to prepare students to work in health sciences