Graduate Research Advisory Committee Approval & Assurances (GRAD) Form

Students must complete the GRAD form and receive the required approvals prior to beginning any research for a field experience, project, thesis, or dissertation involving humans, animals, radiation, or biohazardous substances. Federal regulations do not allow retroactive approval. Completion of the GRAD form indicates that a student’s committee has approved both a topic and an approach for the research, and is aware of federal requirements for institutional review of research methods. Policy information and required applications referenced on the GRAD form are available on the Research & Sponsored Programs website.

This form typically should be completed at the time the student determines the nature of the research project. However, in all cases the student must have submitted the form demonstrating compliance before engaging in related research. Failure to obtain the proper approvals could prevent or significantly delay the awarding of the degree. Compliance with federal and state regulations is essential to assure continued funding of the University research programs and, therefore, requires cooperation of all University researchers.

If a student works on a project that is supported by a research grant or contract between the University and an external entity or entities, the student must comply with all terms of the grant or contract. Contractual agreements in support of research or other sponsored activities are legally binding on the University, including the administration, faculty and students engaged in the sponsored projects.

This form is located on the College of Studies website and the Graduate tab of the myUT portal. It can be filled out and signed electronically and should be submitted to