Master's Thesis

Certain departments specify the submission of a thesis as a requirement for the master’s degree. If a thesis is required, the student must meet with the advisor to determine the appropriate paperwork and establish a timeline to meet all requirements of the academic department, academic college, and College of Graduate Studies. Students are required to submit their document electronically by uploading to OhioLINK and to publish their document with ProQuest by selecting the transfer paper option in OhioLINK. Procedures for proper submission of a thesis are available on the College of Graduate Studies' website. The Manual for the Formatting of Graduate Dissertations and Theses authorized by the Graduate Council is available on the site which details the requirements for preparing your document.

Thesis Committee

A master’s thesis committee must consist of a minimum of three members, all of whom must be members of the graduate faculty. An expert from outside the University also may serve as one of the three thesis committee members upon recommendation of the committee chair and approval by the department chair and the graduate dean. Full membership on the graduate faculty is a prerequisite to chairing a master’s thesis committee.