Transfer of Credits

Application for transfer of credit must be made to the student’s advisor. The department/college will communicate its recommendation to the Graduate College by completing this form. The form with all approval signatures should be returned to the  College of Graduate Studies for review and final approval. Please use one form for each institution from which transfer credit is requested. An official transcript from the accredited institution must be attached to this form. Transfer credit will not be processed from a copy. If the official transcript has already been sent, please attach a note indicating that it was sent previously. The Transfer Credit policy is available on the Graduate College website;

Please note the following:

  • All graduate credits requested for transfer must carry a grade of A, A-, B+, or B. Credit for an S grade may be transferred only if the granting institution verifies, in writing, that the S translates into a grade of B or higher. Research hours earned at another university are not transferable towards research hours for a project, thesis, or dissertation.
  • Credit applied towards the master’s degree and education specialist degree must have been earned within the period of six years immediately preceding the time the degree is awarded, credit applied for the doctoral degree must have been earned within seven years immediately preceding the time the degree is awarded (combined M.D./Ph.D. program limit is ten years).
  • Credits earned at another University as part of a completed degree are not transferable.

For complete transfer credit policy at the graduate level, see Policy Number 3364-77-06