Graduate Student Leave of Absence Policy Statement

Policy Number: 3364-77-04

Students enrolled in a graduate degree program (or graduate certificate program), who do not expect to make progress towards degree requirements for a period of time due to personal, medical, call to active military duty, or other compelling reasons may request a leave of absence from a degree program. Students on an approved leave may not make significant use of university resources and services and do not have the rights and privileges of registered students. Students cannot fulfill any official department or university requirements during the leave period. Students on an approved leave must complete the Application for Graduate Readmission at the end of the leave in order to register and to have the rights and privileges of registered students. If a student does not return to the graduate degree program within the approved period for which the leave was granted, the student will be considered as having withdrawn from the university. To be reconsidered for graduate study, students who have withdrawn must complete the necessary application materials and pay all associated fees. Students called to active duty while enrolled in graduate school will follow regulations for military leave of absence per section 3345.53 of the Ohio Revised Code. It is the responsibility of the student to resolve all issue pertaining to registration, financial support, federal financial aid, and outstanding balances owed to the university. Students should also consider the potential implications of a leave on such matters as immigration status, health insurance, and loan repayment. Leaves approved in accordance with this policy, do not constitute a leave of absence for federal financial aid purposes. Please visit the University Policy Website to view the complete policy.

For additional details regarding the graduate student leave of absence process, please visit the College of Graduate Studies Website: