Degrees Offered

Undergraduate Degree Programs

The College of Engineering offers the following Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree programs:

The College of Engineering also offers the following Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology degree programs:

The College of Engineering also offers a Minor in Surveying, a Minor in Computer Science, a Minor in Mechatronics, a Materials Science and Engineering CertificateMinor in Cyber Security, and Minor in Software Engineering.

Students may wish to consider a dual degree plan within the College of Engineering. Depending on which two curricula are involved, careful planning from the beginning may permit the completion of both degrees with less than a full year of additional study. In any dual degree plan, the student must be accepted by both major departments and have an advisor from each of the two degree programs. With any combination, the curricular requirements of each individual degree must be met.


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Graduate Programs

The College of Engineering also offers a full range of graduate programs. Refer to the Graduate School section for information on programs and policies specifically related to graduate students.

Cooperative (Co-op) Education Program

Students in the Engineering Science degree programs must complete a cooperative (co-op) educational requirement. The purpose of the co-op program is to provide students with career-related experiences. The program also helps students defray the cost of their education and enhances employment opportunities after graduation. The curriculum in each of the Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree programs is set up to accommodate four, and in some cases five, co-op assignments. To satisfy the requirement, a student must successfully complete a minimum of three registered, semester-long work experiences, alternating with semesters of coursework. The student pays a $475 fee when registered for each of the required co-op experiences. Successful completion of each registered work experience appears on the student’s transcript. A student with a registered work experience is considered a full time student for that term.

The College will assist students in finding co-op positions, but does not guarantee placement. Elaborations on implementation policies are available in the College’s Career Development Center. For students in the Engineering Technology degree programs, participation in the co-op program is optional. Students who wish to participate in this program should contact the Career Development Center in the College of Engineering at 419.530.8050.