Educational Technology and Performance Technology (ETPT)

ETPT 2020 Technology And Multimedia In Educational Environments

[3 credit hours]

Emphasizes the development of computing skills with a focus on productivity tools in organizing, managing, multimedia authoring, homepage development, software evaluation and presenting lessons for professional communication in K-12.

Term Offered: Spring, Fall

ETPT 4200 Computer Skills For Instructional Professionals

[3 credit hours]

Emphasizes developing skills in the use of this common productivity software and the use of computer technology in solving typical classroom problems.

ETPT 4950 Workshop In Educational Technology & Performance Technology

[1-5 credit hours]

Workshops are developed around topics of interest in all areas of educational technology and performance technology. Students should discuss specific content for each offering with educational technology faculty.

ETPT 4990 Independent Study In Educational Technology & Performance Technology

[1-5 credit hours]

Individual study designed to provide a student the opportunity to work individually on professional problems under the direction of educational technology & performance technology faculty.

Term Offered: Fall