American Studies (AMST)

AMST 2700 Introduction To American Studies

[3 credit hours]

An introduction to the interdisciplinary field of American Studies and U.S. cultural identity through cultural expression and theoretical examination.

Term Offered: Spring, Fall

AMST 3730 Folklore

[3 credit hours]

A survey of the field of folklore with an emphasis on folk narrative, folk music and material culture in America. Recommended: Permission of instructor and Composition II

AMST 4960 Senior Thesis, Parts I & II

[5 credit hours]

Part I Research and initial organizational design of the senior thesis. Advanced American Studies majors work under an adviser's direction. Part II Completion of a preliminary and then final draft of the senior thesis. The American Studies Faculty Steering Committee administers an oral exam upon thesis completion.

Term Offered: Spring, Fall

AMST 4980 Special Topics In American Studies

[3 credit hours]

Investigations of American Culture. Discovering patterns and interrelated phenomena in history, literature, sports, the arts, etc.

AMST 4990 Independent Investigation In American Studies

[1-4 credit hours]

Supervised independent study. Interdisciplinary topics within American culture. For majors only.