Transport Tech (TPDT)

TPDT 1010 Principles of Transportation

[3 credit hours]

This course introduces the transportation services available iin the marketplace, public policy decisions and concerns, pricing of transportation services, and transportation's relationship to other functions in the budsiness world.

Term Offered: Spring, Summer

TPDT 2010 Regulation of Transporation in a Changing Environment

[3 credit hours]

This course focuses on the regulatory issues facing the modern transportation/logistics manager where environmental, hazardous material safety, and NAFTA regulations are more important than the traditional economic regulations.

TPDT 2070 Technology Uses in Logistics

[3 credit hours]

This course will introduce the student to technologies used by transportation companies and the business world. Students will gain practical experience by completing assignments using technology-based tools.

TPDT 2130 Warehousing and Terminal Management

[3 credit hours]

This course studies the management of the storage of goods from the time the journey begins as raw materials until the finishe product is delivered to the consumer.

TPDT 2210 Mgmt of Commercial Transportn

[3 credit hours]

This course is taught from the perspective of users of transportation/logistical sevices. It ties the concepts introducedin earlier courses together with emphasis on current management philosophies in transportation.

Prerequisites: TPDT 1010 with a minimum grade of D-