Research and Measurement (RESM)

RESM 4100 Educational Statistics

[3 credit hours]

Introduction to major concepts of statistical description; central tendency, dispersion, and relative position and relationship. Inferential methods such as t-tests, one-way analysis of variance and multiple comparisons are also presented.

Term Offered: Spring, Summer, Fall

RESM 4200 Classroom Assessment

[3 credit hours]

This course familiarizes preservice teachers with concepts and principles of classroom assessment. It examines formal and informal strategies for assessing student achievement and explores conceptual and practical issues in assessment and grading.

Prerequisites: Upper Division with a score of 1

Term Offered: Spring, Fall

RESM 4990 Independent Study In Educational Research

[1-4 credit hours]

The study of a current topic in educational research, measurement, statistics, or program evaluation. The student meets with the instructor at arranged intervals without formal classes.

Term Offered: Summer