University College (UC)

UC 1000 Orientation

[1 credit hour]

An orientation to college for incoming first year students. It is designed to equip students with tools for academic success.

Term Offered: Spring, Fall

UC 1120 Career And Self-Evaluation

[2 credit hours]

This course offers an opportunity to explore two important considerations in choosing a career: (1) career opportunities and requirements, (2) individual interests, abilities, skills, needs, values and goals. Students will have opportunities to develop a resume, complete career and interest assessments, investigate a variety of majors at UT and create a personalized career action plan.

Term Offered: Spring, Summer, Fall

UC 1130 Information Literacy for College Research

[3 credit hours]

This course will provide information literacy skills specific to accessing sources and materials appropriate for university level research. Students will acquire a broader knowledge of library services and resources. Additionally, students will learn to apply research logic in order to utilize library catalogs, electronic databases, the World Wide Web, and print resources. By building experiential knowledge, students will gain an understanding of information creation, dissemination, and applications through utilizing various research strategies and scholarly communication.

Term Offered: Fall

Core Arts & Humanities

UC 1150 Orientation: Strategies for College Success

[3 credit hours]

Acquaints students with the services, policies, procedures and layout of the University, along with relevant study skills and student learning services available campus-wide. Required of all pre-major students; optional for others.

UC 1940 Learning Through Service

[2 credit hours]

Students will be involved four hours a week in various community service projects and analyze and reflect on their experiences through journals, discussion and a final paper in a weekly seminar (local, domestic and International).

UC 2980 Special Topics

[1-4 credit hours]

Special Topics is an opportunity to create and pilot potential courses at a 2000 level.

Term Offered: Spring, Summer, Fall

UC 4980 Special Topics

[1-4 credit hours]

Topics of interest to University College students offered by various instructors. Open to any University College student.