Educational Administration and Supervision (EDAS)

EDAS 4100 Supervisory Skill Development

[3 credit hours]

A study of supervisory skills for education and allied professions. The focus is on the supervisor and how she engages in activities to develop personal growth and development of staff members.

EDAS 4260 Leadership For Supervisors

[3 credit hours]

An examination of different leadership styles within the organization is the focal point of this course. Participants will conduct research related to directive and non-directive supervisory skills.

EDAS 4280 Organizational Development

[3 credit hours]

The course explores the concepts of organizations and people who work in organizations. Participants will be involved in exercises and procedures of organizational diagnosis, evaluation and development.

EDAS 4290 Labor Relations

[3 credit hours]

The course examines methods and procedures for improving labor relations in organizations. Participants will analyze a variety of models and issues that confront labor relations in education and allied professions.

EDAS 4940 Administrative Field Experience

[3-6 credit hours]

Working in a guided reflective practice environment, the student will apply knowledge gained in previous coursework to working situations in positions in the private sector.